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When you access this website, our system or that of one of our partners may create cookies on the computer or device you are using for navigation.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the computer or on the devices of those who view a website in order to record certain information related to the visit and to create a system to recognize the user even at later times.

Technical cookies: anonymous cookies used for the sole purpose of a proper functioning of the site, such as the management of sessions and then the ability to perform user login operations.

Profiling cookies: they store user preferences (for example on a product) and serve to send advertising messages in line with the preferences and choices that emerge from the navigation of each user.

Third-party analytics cookies: they are third-party cookies (therefore not created by this site, but by linked external partner sites) that collect statistical information about access to the site.

Cookie di terze parti di profilazione: sono cookie di terze parti (quindi non creati da questo sito, ma da siti di partner esterni collegati) memorizzano preferenze degli utenti (ad esempio su un prodotto) e servono per inviare messaggi pubblicitari in linea con le preferenze e le scelte che emergono dalla navigazione di ciascun utente.

Technical cookies: yes.
Profiling cookies: no.
Third-party analytics cookies: yes.
Third party profiling cookies: no.
Therefore, this website does NOT directly use any profiling cookies.

This website integrates, within its pages, third-party services that may set and use its own cookies and/or similar technologies. The use of such cookies and similar technologies by these companies is governed by the privacy policies of these companies and not by this policy being Xilema sas totally unrelated to the management of these tools and the processing of data from them.

Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the partner companies that may use cookies while browsing this website:
Google Analytics

You can configure your browser to accept or reject all cookies or particular types of cookies (such as third-party cookies) or you can choose to be warned whenever a cookie is set on your computer.
Refusing all cookies may prevent you from properly using the website.

Below are the instructions for the most popular browsers for the purpose of making a custom configuration about cookies:

1. click on "Tools" at the top of the browser window;
2. select "Internet Options";
3. click on the "Privacy" tab;
4. To enable cookies, the Privacy level must be set to "Medium" or below; by setting the Privacy level above the "Medium" the use of cookies will be disabled.

Mozilla Firefox
1. click on "Tools" at the top of the browser window;
2. select "Options";
3. select the "Privacy" icon;
4. click on "Cookies";
5. select or not the "Accept cookies from sites" and "Accept third-party cookies";

Google Chrome
1. click the menu icon;
2. select "Settings";
3. at the bottom of the page, select "Show advanced settings";
4. in the "Privacy" section, select "Content settings";
5. whether or not to select "Prevent sites from setting data".

Apple Safari
1. click on the "Safari" tab at the top of the browser window;
2. select the option "Preferences";
3. click on "Privacy";
4. set your choice under "Cookies and website data".